3 different ways to style striped shirts

Over the decades, Lifestyle, fashion trends and clothing styles have been changed enormously but the stripes pattern never went out of style. No matter what the occasion is or whatever the style is, stripes are always at your rescue. From formals to casuals, there is a huge variety of designs available in stripes for people of all ages.

Even though there are plenty of designs and patterns available in stripes online or in the markets, they are of no use if you don’t know how to style them but need not to worry because we are at your service.

There are many ways to style your favorite red and green striped shirt for different occasions and some of the ways are listed down below:

Formal style

Be it a business meeting, a formal party or your first date, vertical has got you covered for the day. Pair up your favorite blue and white striped button-down shirt with a black pant and team them up with a pair of white sneakers. For a more formal look, you can also pair up this look with a plain black blazer and you’re all ready to step out of the house.

Casual style

Pick a half sleeves button-up shirt with black and white stripes here Iltex Apparel and match it up with white ripped jeans. Put on a pair of black and white joggers and you’re all set to go out for a brunch with friends, a causal day at your university or for a city tour.

Summer casual style

You’ve got a formal beach party to attend and don’t know what to wear? Do not worry because we have the perfect outfit planned for you. Pull out a half sleeves striped shirt and a pair of shorts from your wardrobe and pair it up with your favorite slides, and you’re ready to go about your day and enjoy it with your friends and family.