Fill your wardrobe with serape clothing now!

Fashion trends change every now and then. But some antiquities tend to stick by longer. Serape pattern belongs to some of those antique clothing patterns that have become a part of our everyday wardrobe. This colourful yet vibrant pattern dates back thousands of years from the Aztecs in Latin America. It was a symbol of family and social status among the people and was seen as a symbol of pride. Although it is heavily associated with Hispanics, this pattern has latched on to our general population. Now, we see this pattern on our bedsheets, phone covers, shawls, and whatnot. But most importantly, most of us have a piece of serape clothing in our wardrobe. 


Serape print: The print that did not conform just to clothing

Despite serape being a primary choice for clothing, it is a great print for numerous things. First off, you can easily find ponchos and t-shirts in the pattern. Furthermore, some leggings have the same great design as well. Finally, you can catch this print on hanging ornaments, curtains and even bedspreads! 


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