How to combine bell-bottom pants?

People donate bell bottom pants as 70's fashions. But in reality, these pant styles never get old and even cannot mentioned with one gender. Yes! Bell-bottom pants are unisexual wears.

Dressing up bell bottoms is many's go-to. You can grab your dark wash bell bottoms whenever you need to feel put together for a casual business meeting. They are almost like a trouser means comfortable with classy. You can add a pretty blouse, tees, and blazer, and you are perfect to go. An elegant sweater with plaid bell bottom pants is also excellent when tucked in fittingly. Read the following for further ideas:

With power suit

This garment is well-known for its classic cut, and adding bell bottom pants can make you look amazing. To complete your look of this fashion, you can accessorize an elegant bag and high-heeled sandals for a more elegant touch. Man can have a silver chained watch with their favorite Jordan.

With textures

Textures look incredible on bell-bottom pants, so you can try fabrics such as corduroy and velvet. As for the tones, browns or neutrals are always the best for this kind of pants. Moreover, you can also wear stronger plaid bell bottom pants like black and blues, especially during summer.

With denim

Denim fabric is an all-rounder. If you have any weekend plans, let's wear some bell bottoms with denim. Denim is always popular as you can combine it perfectly with blouses or shirts of various textures and colors. So, you can use them with sports shoes or high heels, depending on your targeted look.

With crop top

You can pair your bell bottom with your favorite crop top for a more party look. Try the skinny one, as it gives a unique shape. Your crop top, combat boots, and stacked hand bracelets can give you a rocker-chic look, and the cardigan ties it all together. It adds a bit extra warmth until the weather heats a touch. The extra volume at the bottom of the pants makes your legs look longer and flatters any body shape. You can wear it with a looser crop top to balance your silhouette.