The Ultimate List of Dri Fit Youth Shirts Do's and Don'ts

Dri Fit Youth Shirts

It's a lot of fun to shop for Dri Fit Youth Shirts. There are so many great brands out there, and there is something for every music fan or athlete. Here is what to look for when shopping and what to avoid.

Basically, Dri Fit Youth Shirts are thin, stretchy shirts made of super-lightweight fabric. They're great for exercising because they help keep you cool and dry. You can play sports in them, or just lounge around the house. You can wear them on your own or layer them under other shirts. Some people even sleep in them!

Here are our picks for the Ultimate List of Dri Fit Youth Shirts Dos and Don'ts:

Dri Fit Youth Shirts Do's

  • Wear your Dri Fit Shirt when you go to bed. It'll help keep you cool in your sleep, which is very important during these hot summer months!
  • Consider buying a Dri Fit Shirt with UV protection to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun!
  • Focus on the torso and upper body; the arms are less important.
  • Make sure the shirt is tight-fitting, especially around the torso.
  • Choose bold colors, especially dark colors. Use a dark background and bold, contrasting text.
  • Choose large graphic images or text.
  • Make sure there is enough information to induce a purchase, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming and distracting.
  • Make sure your shirt doesn't have a weird smell.

Dri Fit Youth Shirts Don'ts

  • Don’t dash your Dri Fit Shirt in the washing machine (unless it's a "washable" Dri Fit Shirt). Hand washing is best.
  • Don’t buy a Dri Fit Shirt made of the polyester-cotton blend if you want it to last longer than one wear.
  • DON'T put words, images, or anything else in the area directly below the neckline. (This is because it can look like you're wearing a graphic T-shirt underneath.)
  • Don't buy a shirt that has the company name on the back of the shirt, unless you are some kind of neck-bearded weirdo who loves to walk around with his company name hanging out for everyone to see. This is not cool. Not even a little bit.
  • Don't buy these shirts for kids that are made of cotton because they don't dry quickly and tend to get heavy when wet.

What Makes Dri Fit Youth Style Great?

If you haven't heard, Dri Fit Youth Shirts are the best! But they can be a little tricky to understand. You can tell when something is a Dri Fit Youth Shirt because it will be labeled as such (e.g. "Dri Fit Youth Shirt"). But what even is that? And how do you wear it?

They have a special technology that keeps your child from overheating when he or she is playing hard. The fabric is kind of like a sponge that holds air in it, which means it doesn't let heat escape as quickly as other fabrics do. Also, the fabric is stretchy, so it will move with your kid's body instead of against it, which makes it easier for him/her to run faster and move around from Iltex Apparel