Top color options for Christmas top

Traditional Greens

Color tones from a mid-tone green to deep forest green Christmas top will work on Christmas day. steer clear of the brighter, yellow-toned greens as they say "Eastertime" more than "holiday season." Like mulberry, a Christmas top of Darker green works well in velvet and other textured fabrics.

Shimmering Silver

If you are wearing the metallic color near your face, consider that cooler skin tones look best in silver, while warmer skin tones look best in gold. You can try a light gray tunic sweater wound with shimmering silver or even a plain gray top that's so light that it looks silver.

Metallic Gold

For people who do not enjoy decorating or dressing in the typical red and green Christmas top colors, gold, silver, and white are often the go-to. Metallic hues of gold are perfect for any fancy event, though you can dress it down a little for casual gatherings.

Bright, Festive Red

Christmas gatherings are no challenge for you. You can wear a slinky red dress to a formal event, a fitted v-neck Christmas top, or a crewneck sweater with dark denim jeans and casual boots. Either red fit dress or loose top, red color is all-rounder, you can wear at your family Christmas dinner or Christmas official parties.

Wine, Burgundy, or Mulberry

Wine, burgundy, and mulberry are all similar colors, with wine being the deepest purplish-red of them all. These dark colors are more cool-toned than traditional "Christmas red" shades, but they cheer on a wider variety of skin tones. These also stand out minor in a crowd, so this is an excellent almost-red to go for if you're shy and don't want to stand out quite as much. These shades pair well with textured fabrics, such as lace or velvet.