Why Raglan Shirt is a Perfect Wear for Summers?

Summer is just around the corner. You have to be on point with your clothes and style, especially when you are fashion-conscious. Summer is the season of fun, joy, and excitement. It is an excellent time to go out and enjoy with friends. If you are looking for comfort in the summer, you have to have appropriate clothes like a raglan shirt.

What is a Raglan Shirt?

Raglan shirts are the perfect wear for summers. Lord Raglan wore this kind of shirt during the Crimean War, hence named Raglan. The sleeves of this shirt come up to the collar and do not have seams at the shoulders. They do not have collars like polo shirts but necklines similar to T-shirts. They are short-sleeved, usually, three-quarter-length that reach down to the elbows or half sleeves that reach either above or below the elbows.

Raglan shirts are plain and comfortable to wear as they have no underarm seams and fit loosely on your body. This allows you to move freely without any discomfort or restriction. There is a wide range of raglan shirts available online for men and women in different colors and patterns at reasonable prices.

Why is Raglan Shirt a Top Pick in Summer?

Summer is the perfect time for you to enjoy the outdoors. It can be a great idea to spend your time outdoors and have fun with your friends and family members during this season. However, it is also essential to keep yourself protected from harsh sun rays as much as possible.

One of the best ways available for you to keep yourself protected from UV rays is to wear clothes that come along with UV protection. In other words, you need to make sure that you are wearing UPF rated clothes during the summer season. For example, Raglan shirts can be excellent for you during summer because they come with UV protection.

If you wonder why the raglan shirt is a good choice during summer, the following are some reasons available for you to think about.

They are comfortable

The first reason why raglan shirts are in high demand during summer is that they are comfortable for people to wear. You will not get any discomfort when you are wearing these shirts. This can deliver many health benefits at the end of the day.

The fabric is breathable.

The fabric itself sets it apart from other shirts. The 100% cotton material allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping you cool all day long.

It comes in different colors and patterns.

You can buy a raglan shirt in different colors and patterns as per your preference. If you like vibrant colors, you will find plenty of options in different hues available on Iltex. Such as a black and orange raglan shirt makes a good combination for summer clothing.

It’s easy to maintain

The raglan shirt is effortless to maintain. All you need to do is follow the simple washing instructions, and your shirt will be ready to wear again.

They protect from UV rays.

As mentioned earlier, raglan shirts also protect from sun rays during summer. Due to this reason, many people prefer them over other types of clothing items that are available as a perfect match.

Take Away

Raglan shirts are ideal for summer because they are both lightweight and airy. Fabrics include cotton, linen, and wool, and they usually have short sleeves (though long sleeves are available). The raglan sleeve style is also trendy in the sports world, which means that raglan shirts will hold up to your most active activities.