Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Welcome to wholesale at ILTEX APPAREL! Thank you for your interest in our clothing line, we strive to provide affordable fashion to all our customers with the best quality. Our wholesale mission is to provide entrepreneurs, like yourself, our exceptional quality products at the best prices to facilitate your businesses. We know you are anxious to get started, so let's begin!  


You can apply for a wholesale account in two quick steps. 

1. Fill out our signup form and wait for our wholesale team to reach out. 

2. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email to provide basic information about your business. Once you provide that, our team will approve you account and give you access to wholesale pricing. 

The above information must be emailed to wholesale@iltexapparel.com within 30 days from submission of the application. 

Yes! Its that easy, so don't waste time and sign up fast.


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner of any time of business, be it small business, at home business, online or retail business, you can apply. You will just need to provide basic information such as name, address, etc. 

Customers do NOT require a tax certificate in order to be approved as a wholesale customer. If you have a small business, retail/online store or any kind of active business but don't have a sales permit, you CAN still apply for a wholesale account. Just submit the sign up form and our wholesale team will reach out to you. If you do have a tax certificate, please email that after you submit the form. 


Wholesale accounts receive all products at wholesale prices.

There is a $50 minimum for wholesale accounts.

You can add products individually to your cart or use our quick order form to submit bulk orders. 

Unlike some other wholesale programs, we offer order flexibility.  We do not force you into pre-determined size ranges and quantities (prepacks).  You can select the specific sizes needed in the quantities needed for your business model.


All US domestic wholesale orders ship via USPS (with options of Retail Ground, Priority, and Express), FEDEX or UPS. We ship on average the SAME day or in 1-2 business day of the order placement date. To maintain our low pricing structure, open stock and low reorder requirements, we are unable to offer free shipping on wholesale orders.  ILTEX APPAREL cannot be held responsible for lost shipments. Should this occur, please file a claim with the specific carrier associated with the order's tracking number.

FAQ about wholesale accounts


Can't log in.

Make sure that you have an account on our site, either a retail or wholesale account and not just an account page. Make sure you have created a password and are able to log in. If you are having issues signing in, please reach out to us on wholesale@iltexapparel.com.


Can’t sign up - email already taken.

If you are getting an error using the signup form that says, “Email already taken” that means that an account under that email already exists. You can reach out to us at wholesale@iltexapparel if you wish to convert your existing retail account to wholesale. 


If you are logged in and have been approved as a wholesale customer but are still seeing retail pricing.

If you are approved as an wholesale customer and are still seeing retail prices, please reach out to us on (832) 812 - 1864 or email us at wholesale@iltexapparel.com with screenshots of what you are seeing. 


As a wholesale customer do I have to login with the wholesale login page? 

Nope! Once you are approved as an Wholesale customer, you can use both of the login page and it will direct you to your wholesale account. And if you forgot your password, please use the main login to reset your password. 


Can I switch from a retail account to a wholesale account? 

Absolutely! As you already have an existing retail account the sign up form may not let you create a wholesale account unless you create one with a different email address. If you want to use the same email address or convert your existing retail account to wholesale, please reach out to us at wholesale@iltexapparel.com and we will send you the form by email, once approved we will switch your retail account to wholesale.


My activation link doesn’t work / Did not receive the account invite email

Please reach out to us on (832) 812 -1864 or wholesale@iltexapparel.com if you are experiencing any such issues. 


Who will not be approved?

Customers that are purchasing products for personal use, few items as a one time purchase and not to resell. Please use our retail website to shop as a retail customer. We have all our products at affordable prices if you are purchasing as a retail customer as we strive to provide affordable fashion to ALL our customers. 


Contact us via email at wholesale@iltexapparel.com or by phone at (832) 812 - 1864. 

We appreciate your interest in ILTEX APPAREL and look forward to many years of mutually successful business building!
Please read the complete terms of agreement above before applying for a new account.